Breath Renewal 梨の肺飲 [Healthy Drinks]

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Breath Renewal 梨の肺飲 [Healthy Drinks]



– Slight sweetness of pear and Ophiopogon as was into the lush fruit forest with touch of hazy sour fragrance. Wafts of stream nourishing the fruit tree in the forest, it makes unknowingly abandon all distracting thoughts, gently close your eyes and enjoy this comfort and elegance.

– 清甜的雪梨與麥門冬讓我們仿佛身在茂盛的果林中,飄來微酸的香氣如同林邊的小溪滋養著每一棵果樹。讓人在不知不覺間摒棄所有雜念,輕輕閉上眼,享受這份舒適與清雅。


– Good for maintaining the respiratory system, moisturizing the lungs and clearing away heat, especially for functional repair after COVID-19.

– 有益于保养呼吸系统, 润肺清热, 尤其是新冠后的功能修护。


– Pear slices, Lotus root slices, Ophiopogon japonicus, Reed root, Wolfberry

– 梨片, 藕片, 麦门冬, 芦根, 枸杞

Net Weight/净重:

– 10 g x 8 sachets

– 10克 x 8小袋